Circuit Board Design

We layout and design your circuit board in Autodesk EAGLE. Upon completion, we provide you with digital assets. Every design is 100% yours.

Schematic Design

Every PCB design includes a professional schematic, Gerber output, component selection assistance, and a 3D CAD model.


Prototypes are important as they allow you to iron out the flaws, analyze solution costs and give you a chance to get a feel for your product.

Firmware Development

Need firmware? Let us help you with the communication bridge between the front end and the hardware.

Product Revisions

Your customers are always on the lookout for the next product version. We can help with that, even if it’s an outside product we didn’t build for you.

Full Assembly

We can help with with all assembly steps, including PCB assembly, mechanical assemblies and final assembly.

Our Engineering Process

  We provide end-to-end product engineering and development services to help you launch your BIG idea. Based on your requirements we can do as little as schematic, PCB design and appearance, structural design or offer you a full suite of services to help you get your idea from concept to mass production along with patents and more.
  Already have a prototype? Looking to take the next steps? Great! Get in touch with one of our engineers for a free consultation. We’ll work with you and educate you along the way with what it takes to get your prototype to mass production .

1. Consultation

  One of our senior engineers work closely with you to understand your project requirements, as well as any constraints and wish list items. 

2. Proposal

  Once we have a solid understanding of your project requirements, we provide you with a proposal containing a high level project plan with key milestones.

3. Development

  Upon agreement of the proposal and following payment of the initial 25% starting fee, we begin development on your project. 

4. Delivery

  After you have evaluated our work and we have made adjustments based on your feedback, we deliver you the end product along with all the intellectual property developed.

Wireless Liquor Spout

Free pour wireless liquor monitoring system. Tracks your liquor inventory as poured in real-time.

Dispensing monitor uses angular velocity to calculate how much of a medium is dispensed from a container being held in different positions. When the container is at rest, the aggregated data is sent to an RF receiver for processing by a local client or via a cloud SaaS

The RF receiver processes data from as many as 1000 transmitters and aggregates the pertinent info before sending them to the local client or cloud for further processing and analytics


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