Eye Doorbell

    When the visitor approaches the video doorbell, the infrared human sensor will sense the signal and trigger the artificial biological eye to work. This eye will move like a real human eye, as if it has a soul, amazing effect and very interesting.

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  • 2pcs 18650 specification batteries. (package not included)
  • Million HD pixels collocated with 166-degree wide-angle lens
  • Support mobile phone remote fast wake up device within 1 second.
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi connection (Support APP: AiWit)
  • High-quality two-way talk with noise cancellation.
  • Support PIR motion detection, when someone hovers at the door, immediately alerts push notifications to the mobile phone.
  • Day and night mode automatic switching, whether day or night, the image is visible, for your safety and family security.
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     A Lot of indoor activities happened during covid. A situation where the whole world had to sit at home and have almost everything delivered to them. From Groceries down to costly appliances. The unexpected months of sit-at-home are sure an indicator that anything is possible in life, and you need to be ready.
     We will launch this interesting and innovative product globally . This is an opportunity for early adopters. You will be the first user on this planet to use it.

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If you’ve never considered the advantages of having a smart doorbell, here are our top reasons why you’ll appreciate having the revolutionary Doggole smart in your home:

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Key features


    We live in a world where we receive more parcels than ever before in the Shopping online era. People are not only ordering more online, but they also expect it to arrive at their door on the day and time specified on the website. However, robbers can steal goods from your porch at any time of year, even the holiday season.

    Doggole™ smart eye doorbell provides additional security by recording any intruders who attempt to take your item. When someone knocks on your door, the smart doorbell will notify you. As a result, when the delivery person arrives, you will be aware and able to keep an eye on it.

    My team of tech enthusiasts is dedicated to pushing our artificial human eye smart doorbell industry forward and to a greater level where one would want to have the product for himself, family, and friends, and future generation because he has seen his neighbor use it and has seen the standard worth and value of it. Hence, we need to manufacture more of this.

    Download the client app on your mobile phone to control the doorbell.

You can purchase a receiver separately to connect with the doorbell transmitter.

   Emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, household robots, and smart homes have become industrial development trends. Technology creates a better life. Unlike the past, the attributes between machines and people are clearly defined. With the continuous development of intelligent interactive technology, between machines and people The integration is getting closer and closer. Among them, human-computer interaction technology tends to anthropomorphize, such as natural language interaction, face recognition, action recognition, facial expression, touch and other anthropomorphic attributes. This makes the cold machine more and more showing the characteristics of new biological species, not only has hard functions, but also has soft functions similar to the expression of biological emotions, and finally produces self-awareness. Our product is a video doorbell device equipped with a high-simulation eye display module. The high-simulation eye display module perfectly simulates the visual effects of the eyes. The expression is lifelike and the effect is good. The video doorbell device equipped with this module can interact with people. It has anthropomorphic emotional expression in the interactive scene, the installation is no longer cold, and has a sense of soul, which strengthens the participation of human-computer interaction and improves the technological components of home life.

Prototype design
Of smart eye doorbell

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Where can Get It ?
this amazing and innovative product?

  Where can you get this Smart Eye Doorbell product? Don’t worry, you’re here just in time, we’ve just finished developing this product , and we’ve successfully make product prototype, Now the big moment is here, we’ve started a global launch campaign . If you are interested in our products, you are invited to become our backer. Please click the button below to immediately go to our shop page to participate in the campaign.
    This smart eye doorbell, unique product in the world, has amazing and interesting effects. What’s more, it is my invention and design, and it is applying for a patent, and We have made a prototype and tested USA market. Many potential users have expressed interest in it. However, there is a lack of budget at present. Is there any investor interested in my project? We need fund back. If you are willing to cooperate, please contact me directly.
     Thanks again for your support.

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Human-Like Features

   As a visitor approaches the video doorbell, an infrared human sensor detects the signal and activates the artificial human eye. The eye will move like a real one as if it has a soul, an incredible and fascinating effect.
     The finished home interactive robot with artificial human eye product will be released to the market next year. 

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