Product Prototyping Design

  You as an innovator only need to provide an idea, we conduct evaluation and market research, and after online discussions, we can design a prototype, including intelligent technical solutions, and give an appearance reference design to form a product prototype.

intelligent Product Functional Solutions

  Choosing and designing intelligent electronic technology solutions for intelligent products is our specialty. We have long-term experience in the field of electronic technology and artificial intelligence technology. We have experts and engineers in the field of artificial intelligence, familiar with professional algorithms, and are familiar with various CPU and MCU chips. Applications and solutions will help you match the best technical solutions according to your product functional requirements and complexity, while selecting chips, designing circuits, designing PCB and PCBA production.

Structural design and customization

     We can design the product structure according to your requirements and the finalized design, and will connect with our partner hardware or plastic mold factories to open plastic molds for your products, make prototypes, and provide your products with Custom shell.

Patent Application Service

    We provide one-stop service for intellectual property patent application. The intellectual property rights of your custom-designed products belong to you. We provide copywriting and application materials to submit to the US Patent Office to help you apply for appearance patents and invention utility model patents in the United States.

Innovative Product Crowdfunding Service

We have ample experience in crowdfunding and e-commerce marketing of innovative products. If your innovative products need to be recognized by the market and build brand awareness, we can provide crowdfunding campaign services on world-renowned crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter, indegogo, and Gofundme. A full range of event-raising services.

Finished mass assembly production service

     If your products get market orders and need the support of the supply chain, we can provide such services, including providing cooperative factories to help you assemble and produce finished products in large quantities to meet your order needs.

Bearing Monitor

A small monitor is embedded into the shield of a roller bearing. This device analyzes the bearings vibration and temperature and transmits an alert if it exceeds a programmed threshold. Its use case it to facilitate preventative maintenance in commercial equipment and machinery to extend the units life and operational up time.


“Smartalex can translate your ideas into reality, whether it’s electronic mechanical or software. Best of all, they can help take your idea to another level, from theoretical ideas to real prototypes that work!”

Essam Iskander, Nation Skande

“We did a lot of research before finally settling on Smartalex to help us take our idea from a prototype to a product that we could sell. While we were able to produce our own prototype, we had very little knowledge of what it actually takes to produce an end product. As you can guess, we had a ton of questions. The folks over at Doggole were able to answer all of our questions, help us pick the right components for our board and also designed our PCB in a way that allows for future growth, which I personally thought was awesome. These guys are passionate about what they do, they went above and beyond what we paid for.”

Amelia Arief, EGC

“Astute, commercially aware, technically and tactically proficient…

If you’re looking for a development resource that takes the time to understand your business, properly analyse and assess your requirements whilst being mindful of your product and application roadmaps, look no further.

Doggole ‘got under the skin’ of our business and helped us overcome same major technical obstacles and ensured our Mobile, Linux and C# applications remained cutting edge and reliable. He is likeable, dependable, flexible and fits in with any development methodology. I have no reservations in recommending  Doggole.

Kent Claxton, Visibility Asset Management, Product and Development Manager